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25 May 2024
Euro 2024 prediction: Dark horses likely to win
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Euro 2024 prediction: The "Dark horses" are likely to win

With the Euro 2024 qualifiers over, it's time for Thais to make  their Euro 2024 predictions with V9Bet, the number one online football betting provider. Up to this point, there are less than 2 months left until the last tournament in Germany will take place. The question is whether this tournament is a national tournament or not. In this article, let us find out the answers through 6 countries worth watching in the 17th European League tournament.

England: The much-anticipated team


England: The much-anticipated team

According to the latest  Euro 2024 predictions, England have the highest probability of winning this year's Euros, at 31.6%. England are looking to redeem themselves after their defeat in the last Euro final. Squad depth and young player development.

France: Equal to England


France: Equal to England

As a football powerhouse with a rich global tradition, France's chances of winning the title are second only to England with 29.6%. France boast a squad of world-class stars with technical prowess and tactical acumen, ensuring they are ready to shine in the tournament.

Germany: How far will the hosting advantage take them?


Germany: How far will the hosting advantage take them?

As the host of this year's Euros, Germany should not be underestimated. Their rich historical tradition and home-field advantage could be pivotal at key moments. Although not a qualifying competition, Germany's strength cannot be underestimated.

Italy vs Spain: When 2 favorites face each other in Group of Death

In Group C, also known as the "Group of Death", Italy and Spain are poised for a tense duel. Both teams have rich experience and formidable fighting spirits, making any match they play highly anticipated.

Ukraine: The umbrella horse that no team can underestimate


Ukraine is highly rated

Ukraine is a team that has had many impressive achievements in recent years. Possessing cohesion within the team and their ability to execute tactics is significantly improved. In Group C, Ukraine could be a formidable opponent, perhaps even shocking traditional powers.

Crow: The Continuation Legend

Despite being 38 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo is still the soul of the Portugal team. His participation not only brings limitless possibilities to the team but is also expected to continue to set more records at this year's European Cup.


As the tournament approaches, teams are actively preparing for the event, eager to show their performance in this European football festival. Whether favorites or potential workhorses, each team has a chance to write its own legend on the pitch.

Follow each match to better predict Euro 2024

As of 23 May 2024, the list of 24 teams participating in the Euros includes:

20 teams qualified:

  • Group A: Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway
  • Group B: Denmark, Finland, Russia, Switzerland
  • Group C: England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia
  • Group D: France, Germany, Portugal, Hungary
  • Group E: Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia
  • Group F: Belgium, Wales, Serbia, Scotland
  • Group G: Netherlands, Montenegro, Latvia, Turkey
  • Group H: Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Finland, Greece

4 play-off winners: Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, North, Macedonia.

Euro 2024 will kick off on June 14, 2024 with the opening match taking place at the Allianz Arena, the confrontation between hosts Germany vs Scotland. Interestingly, in addition to the overall championship and group runner-up. After that, 12 teams will advance to the playoffs, leaving the 4 3rd placed teams with the best records.

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