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05 Jun 2024
Brilliant Brazilian: Vinicius Junior belongs among top world class
In-depth analysis: Is Vinicius Junior on par with world-class players? What are the chances of winning the 2024 Ballon d'Or? We will find out in this article.

Brilliant Brazilian: Vinicius Junior belongs among top world class

At just 23 years of age, it may cause people to dismiss the word "legendary" for the kid from São Goncalo, but it must be acknowledged that for the past three seasons, Vinicius Junior has been the key to leading Real Madrid. Hit many successes The question is, is it time for him to earn the respect of football fans and people alike? Is this player's potential as great as manager Carlo Ancelotti described it? In this article, V9Bet will take you deeper into his most amazing year. Gone are the days when Vinik was on par with World Class Players.


Vinicius Junior deserves to be called world class

Vinicius Junior is the key to Real Madrid winning the UEFA Champions League

From the first game in the group stage against Union Berlin to the final match against Borussia Dortmund at Wembley, the "White King" comrades took to the field on the UEFA stage. There were a total of 13 Champions League games, of which there were 10 games where Vinicius came onto the field to help the team. Ready to produce 10 goals and 5 assists, accounting for more than 50% of the team's goals on stage, with a total of 28 goals. Plus, the most important thing is that the 23-year-old star is a Big player. Truly Game Player

Why is it said like that? It's because Vinicius always scores goals or provides important assists. Just take the game that is most clear in the eyes of V9Bet football betting people, such as scoring a goal ahead of RB Leipzig in the second leg of the round of 16 ended the German team's hopes. Or scoring 2 goals to help the team equalize with Manchester City in the first leg of the quarterfinals or scoring 2 goals to help the attacking team draw with Bayern Munich in the first leg of the semi-finals. Excellent The most special thing was the goal that nailed Borussia Dortmund in the final, sending Real Madrid to their 15th European championship.


He got a very big chance for winning 2024 Ballon d'Or

He got a very big chance for winning 2024 Ballon d'Or

Not only is he outstanding on the European stage, but Vinicius Junior is a key player in Real Madrid's success throughout the 2023/24 season, starting with the Supercopa de Espana, which he scored. A hat-trick sends the "Los Blancos" to defeat their all-time foe Barcelona 4-1, starting off a beautiful season with the championship title. He can also take revenge on his main rival. After last year missing out on defeat in the same final with a score of 1-3.

As for his performance in La Liga, it is not ordinary, scoring 15 goals and making another 7 assists, although not good enough to win the title of top scorer or top playmaker. But it was an important part that made Real Madrid turn the situation around from behind dark horse Girona back to the plate and win comfortably without worrying. With a point gap of 10 points from 2nd place Barcelona, he also won the Best Player of the Month award for March 2024. Including winning the award for best goal of February 2024

This story made football news guru V9Bet consider Vinicius as the favorite to win the 2024 Ballon d'Or, with three championships, divided into the Spanish league, the Supercopa de Espana and the United. The FA Champions League is a measure of success that no other player can match. He also has a program to play on the field to help the Brazilian national team compete in Copa America 2024, which will start on June 20 if the tournament ends with the champion title. There would be no doubt about who would receive this great prize.

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The future new duo of the Bernabeu: Vinicius and Mbappe

Vinicius Junior's future with Real Madrid after Mbappe joins the team.

Although Carlo Ancelotti had previously tried to keep quiet about Kylian Mbappé’s move to play in the Santiago Bernabeu, trying to appease Vinicius. By saying that this is the best player in the world, but on June 3, the mobile football betting team found that Real Madrid had announced confirmation of the acquisition of the 25-year-old captain of the French national team. Free army by signing a long contract for 5 years with questions that cannot be avoided. That is, will the club's key man be changed hands?

The answer to this question is that it is not something to worry about. Because even though both of them are right-footed And likes playing on the left side of the line as well. But last season, Mbappe was taken by Paris Saint-Germain manager Luis Enrique to act as the target striker. The results were quite hot, scoring 27 goals and making another 6 assists from playing 27 games in the area of player number 9 on Vinicius Junior's side. In the first period, he was hit by Anche. Lotti is given a role similar to that of the French star. Until finally meeting a partner like Rodrygo Goes.

This means Real Madrid will have a very strong attacking trio for next season: Vinicius on the left, Mbappe in the middle and Rodrygo on the right. You can switch standing positions at any time for 90 minutes or if Ancelotti chooses to use the same system. Able to let Vinicius and Mbappe have freedom in the front line and allow Jude Bellingham to create games at the back as well. In this work, the V9Bet football betting website can say that in addition to will no longer be reduced in importance The young Brazilian will also be a more dangerous player.

What are the qualities of Vinicius Junior that fans admire about him?

When Real Madrid spent 46 million euros, the most expensive price in the history of a Brazilian star, second only to Neymar, signing the youngster to strengthen the team in 2017, the media praised it as a successful deal. It was successful because at the age of 16, Vinicius Junior was already a main player for Flamengo. They also dare to play and dare to fight. Enjoy the joy of having a soccer ball move across the grass. which although it is a common sight for Samba children But this kind of agility and confidence is found only in a select few.

Look at the present, Vinicius has proven to online football bettors how great his talent is. Like a heart that is strong beyond its years. The sprint transition is a strength that gives every defense a headache. Techniques that are too advanced for one's age are not included. Plus, it's as nimble as a slow loris. The most special thing is that he seems to improve his own play in every game. This is Brazil's top player in many games who have been half-full. Always ready to learn and move forward. Important is his love for Real Madrid, which V9Bet believes will make him the next Santiago Bernabeu legend.

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In the current era of football tips, there are many talented players for football fans to be excited about. But I will find players who continue to develop every day. He also explodes into top form in every game on the field. There is only Vinicius Junior, who from his quality performance throughout the 2023/24 season played an important role in helping Real Madrid win. Triple Champion It would be a disappointment to IBC Sports if the 2024 Ballon d'Or spot ends up in the hands of another player.

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