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07 Jun 2024
Ukraine EURO 2024 squad: How Sergiy Rebrov plans for the team?
As a team that many fans expect to be a dark horse in the tournament, how Ukraine EURO 2024 squad will be? and how the talented coach Sergiy Rebrov plans for team?

Ukraine EURO 2024 squad: How Sergiy Rebrov plans for the team?

If you mention the name Sergiy Rebrov, you can bet that football fans will remember him as the striker of the great striker Andrei Shevchenko. But believe it or not, when time has passed until now, Players who speak little do not like bright lights. returned to become the new coach of the national team The status has changed to become the hope of Ukraine Euro 2024. Today V9Bet will take everyone on a journey to get to know the Yellow Blue general. The nation that football gurus consider to be the dark horse of the European Championship.


The hope of nation: Ukraine Football Team for EURO 2024

A dark horse that many people are watching: Ukraine Euro 2024

In fact, Sergiy Rebrov almost wasn't named Ukraine Euro 2024 coach. The result was a win with Italy in the final game. They ended the qualifying round as the third-place team in Group C thanks to their excellent form in the UEFA Nations League, which gave them a chance to make amends in the play-offs. In the end, they succeeded, overtaking Bosnia with two late goals. Followed by a late game against Estonia in the final round, securing a place in the European Championships in Germany.

Goalkeeper position

Rebrov called three goalkeepers to join this team, in the case of Georgi Buschnan, a 30-year-old goalkeeper from Dynamo Kyiv. Even though he wears the number 1 shirt, his status in Euro news is number 3. on the bench the difficulty is deciding on the number one pick for this tournament. Because 25-year-old goalkeeper Andrei Lunin has produced phenomenal results with Real Madrid, while 22-year-old rising star Anatoly Trubin has proven himself by competing for number one at Benfica, for example. together

Defender position, another highlight of Ukraine Euro 2024

The back four is the most suitable position. Rebrov already has a real player in mind. And everyone is in strong form, starting with Vitaly Mikolenko, a 25-year-old attacking left-back from Everton, and Ilia Zabarnyi, a 21-year-old rising defender from Bourne. Math, Mykola Matviyenko, a 28-year-old center half from Dynamo Kyiv, to Yukim Konoplia, a 24-year-old right-back from Dynamo Kyiv, who have played together. Throughout the Euro 2024 update

The problem lies more with the reserve power. Because almost all of them have only major experience in serving the country, whether it be Oleksandr Swatok, Maksis Talovelov, Valery Bondar, Oleksandr. Timchyk or Bogdan Mikhailichenko, but it is expected that this is for the future of the Yellow Army. Because I'm going to call a veteran like Oleksandr Karavayev, Sergei Krytsif or Eduard Sobol would not be of any use. Because besides being old Still out of form, spending a lot of time on the bench.

Midfield position

Having Mikolenko assume the role of left-back. This allows the 27-year-old team captain, Oleksandr Zinchenko, to play in a different position from his Arsenal counterpart, that is, a defensive midfielder who is ready to control the tempo, connect the ball from back to forward. and coordinate to help the offensive line Another partner is none other than 31-year-old dynamo midfielder Ruslan Malinovski from Genoa, who people bet on football via mobile phone. Found ready to run up and down to destroy and interrupt the opposing team's play.

As for the three attacking lines, it was not as difficult a decision as one might think. Mikailo Mudrik, a 23-year-old star player, has returned to the form he should once again be with Chelsea, ready to be stationed on the left side of the line. On the right side is the face of Viktor Zigankov, a handsome 26-year-old attacker who has exploded in form with Girona as well. But the area that is most interesting to watch is the position of playmaker Georgi Sudakov. A 21-year-old rising star that European giants are watching from his 10-for-4 shooting performance for Dynamo Kiev.

Importantly, the midfield seems to be the highlight of Ukraine Euro 2024 because on the bench there are still high-quality options for Rebrov to choose from. From the 33-year-old experienced engine keeper Sergei Sidorchuk from Westerlo, the 34-year-old veteran striker Taras Stepanenko from Shakhtar Donetsk to the young midfielders. 22-year-old Volodymyr Brazhko and 25-year-old winger Mykola Chaparenko, both from Dynamo Kiev, also received good news. When the real owner of the armband, age 34, Andrei Yarmolenko shakes off his injury and is ready to help the team again. Finally, there is 27-year-old attacker Oleksandr Zubkov, a spare player ready to work hard.

Striker positions: The main character is ready to take Ukraine Euro 2024 to create a surprise.

Striker is a position that Ukraine never seems to lack. Because even though only one person can be chosen to enter the field according to the Euro 2024 match schedule and Rebrov's 4-2-3-1 strategy, there are two top-level options to use, namely Ah. Artem Dovbik, a 26-year-old striker from Girona, the top scorer in La Liga Spain last season, another is 28-year-old striker Roman Yaremchuk, who even scored for Valencia. Just 4 balls, but there are many benefits to resting the ball. Joined by 22-year-old rising star Vladislav Vanat from Dynamo Kyiv.

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The possible Line-Up for Ukraine EURO 2024

The possible Line-Up for Ukraine EURO 2024

Ukraine (4-2-3-1): Andrei Lunin; Yukim Konoplia, Ilia Zabarnyi, Mykola Matviyenko, Vitaly Mikolenko; Oleksandr Zinchenko, Ruslan Malinovsky; Viktor Zigankov, Georgi Sudakov, Mikhailo Mudrik; Artem Dovbik

Manager: Sergiy Rebrov


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